wHiteRabbiT-sTudio Framework
wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

static int SetWindowLong (IntPtr hWnd, int nIndex, int dwNewLong)
static IntPtr FindWindowByCaption (IntPtr ZeroOnly, string lpWindowName)
static bool DrawMenuBar (IntPtr hWnd)
static IntPtr SetWindowPos (IntPtr hWnd, int hWndInsertAfter, int x, int Y, int cx, int cy, int wFlags)
static IntPtr GetForegroundWindow ()
static int GetWindowText (IntPtr hWnd, StringBuilder text, int count)

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetActiveWindowTitle ()

Member Function Documentation

static bool wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.DrawMenuBar ( IntPtr  hWnd)
static IntPtr wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.FindWindowByCaption ( IntPtr  ZeroOnly,
string  lpWindowName 
static string wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.GetActiveWindowTitle ( )
static IntPtr wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.GetForegroundWindow ( )
static int wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.GetWindowText ( IntPtr  hWnd,
StringBuilder  text,
int  count 
static int wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.SetWindowLong ( IntPtr  hWnd,
int  nIndex,
int  dwNewLong 
static IntPtr wHiteRabbiT.Common.Tools.Windows32.SetWindowPos ( IntPtr  hWnd,
int  hWndInsertAfter,
int  x,
int  Y,
int  cx,
int  cy,
int  wFlags 

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