wHiteRabbiT-sTudio Framework
wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Math.Interpolation Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static Vector3 CatmullRom (Vector3 P0, Vector3 P1, Vector3 P2, Vector3 P3, float t)
static Vector3 Hermite (Vector3 A, Vector3 tA, Vector3 B, Vector3 tB, float t)

Member Function Documentation

static Vector3 wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Math.Interpolation.CatmullRom ( Vector3  P0,
Vector3  P1,
Vector3  P2,
Vector3  P3,
float  t 
static Vector3 wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Math.Interpolation.Hermite ( Vector3  A,
Vector3  tA,
Vector3  B,
Vector3  tB,
float  t 

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