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wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation:

Public Member Functions

override Quaternion GetRotation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAnimation
Matrix4x4 Deform (float TransitionValue)
void ApplyPose (float t0, float tAbs, float baryWeight, float TransitionValue)
void Load ()

Public Attributes

float Angle
bool UseAngle
bool UsedForCastDirection = true
- Public Attributes inherited from wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAnimation
string Name = "DummySplineAnimation"
TextAsset AnimationFile
Transform Dummy
bool DontReverseTime
float Offset
float Speed = 1
float TransitionValueForScaleMin = 0
float TransitionValueForScaleMax = 1
Vector3 ScaleMin = Vector3.one
Vector3 ScaleMax = Vector3.one
Vector3 TranslationMin = Vector3.zero
Vector3 TranslationMax = Vector3.zero
SplineElement spline
Color DummyColor = Color.red
Vector3 lastLocalPos
Vector3 lastProjPos
float DecalCollision
LayerMask CollisionMask
string CollisionSFXName
string fileAPath = ""

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAnimation
Vector3 Project (Vector3 p)
Vector3 Project (Vector3 p, Vector3 dir, float setback)
void OnCollisionEnter (RaycastHit rh)
- Protected Attributes inherited from wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAnimation
bool laInit
LerpAnim laDummy
bool wasInCollision

Member Function Documentation

override Quaternion wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation.GetRotation ( )

Member Data Documentation

float wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation.Angle
bool wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation.UseAngle
bool wHiteRabbiT.Unity.AnimatioN.DummySplineAttackAnimation.UsedForCastDirection = true

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