wHiteRabbiT-sTudio Framework
wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Clamp ()
void Clamp ()

Public Attributes

bool AlwaysShow
FloatLimits x = new FloatLimits()
FloatLimits y = new FloatLimits()
FloatLimits z = new FloatLimits()

Member Function Documentation

void wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.Clamp ( )
void wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.Clamp ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.AlwaysShow
FloatLimits wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.x = new FloatLimits()
FloatLimits wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.y = new FloatLimits()
FloatLimits wHiteRabbiT.Unity.Rig.Bone.AngleLimits.z = new FloatLimits()

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